03. 11. 2017


Dong A Consulting and Service Co., Ltd was established with the mission to strengthen economic, cultural, scientific and technological cooperation between Vietnam and Korea and other countries in the world. It wants to build high quality human resources, contributing to creating stable jobs and increasing incomes for laborers

Dong A Company has been asserting a link for the Vietnamese community in Korea. We will always work with the highest responsibility to bring absolute confidence and peace of mind to our customers.




1. Leading the field of labor export and overseas study
With high investment and self-improvement process, Dong A company has been highly appreciated by employees and foreign unions as a prestigious and quality company in Vietnam. Male.


2. Professional consultants
With a team of professional consultants trained in professional qualifications, the leading consultants will help employees choose the most suitable occupations. The consultant is always ready to assist the workers in the best way, the most professional.
In addition, the consultant will guide you about the school as well as the field of study appropriate to yourself.


3. Our Mission
Dong A wishes to provide human resources to countries in need, create jobs, reduce poverty, reduce unemployment, increase incomes for workers, promote economic and cultural cooperation. science and technology ... between Vietnam and other countries in the world on the principle of equality.


4. Dong A committed

- Ensure the interests of trainees when registering for participation.

- Strictly execute the contract when signing the contract.

- Providing full job information for trainees.

- Assist interns to borrow capital from banks when they need

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