12. 09. 2017


Nothing is easy, study abroad is no exception, while study abroad, you will be faced with the difficult problem. Such as: you are missing home like crazy, the language barrier, or you are lacking motivation for your studies, many international students experience a number of different challenges unique to their life abroad.

After, Dong A company will introduction with you- students want to go to study abroad about the difficult problem when study abroad.

  1. Time zone annoyances

While first night reason time zone annoyances, you will not sleep and will be panic attack: You’ve arrived in the country and are slowly unpacking in your new accommodation when it hits you: ‘I’m an actual international student....and I’m so, so far away from home. Why didn’t I just stay at home to study?’. When missing home, you have to wake up at 2 am to call during normal business hours back home, or your jet lag is positively insufferable.

  1. Money

Despite there a few apps available to help you comprehend the currency exchange rate in a new country, your best efforts to plan ahead, budget, and track your expenses throughout the semester, you still not control your money, you may have had one or two gelato scoops too many or splurged a bit too much on that weekend. You will be lack of money.

  1. Homesickness

Life in another country is not easy. Especially in the time of illness, failure and family holidays, you will be even weaker, lonelier and wearierYou will miss your kid sister and brother, you miss Mom’s cooking, and you regret not packing your favorite stuffed animal for the long journey abroad. These feelings of despair and longing for someone or something familiar might be prompted by a number of things: Have your friends gone home for the weekend to see their families? Have you reached that period of the term where you’ve “hit the wall” with work and going home for the holidays seems so far away? Everything you meet in the streets will be make you miss home whether really small.

  1. The language barrier

Language is the biggest barrier while studying abroad. When you getting lost, or shall do presentation exercises, it will make you feeling confused, worry “how to ask for directions and solved exercises”. You may feel no one can understand you, you can’t share with your friends. It will make you feel inpent self-deprecating and introverted with the environment. 

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